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Babet: On Taking The Right Exit
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Babet: On Taking The Right Exit

Time changes life, changes mind, changes direction.  Not even in that particular order.

When I co-founded PROJECT96 over two years ago, I was convinced I would never turn my back on it. I still am.

I was also convinced I would never leave PROJECT96 as co-owner, that Céline and I would jointly raise this baby and let it fly. I’m not anymore.

After a period of attempting to blend PROJECT96 into my life and and the other way around, PROJECT96 proved to be an “all or nothing thing” to me. I would either have to take a deeper plunge or take an exit. After a deap breath of several weeks I decided that it needed to be the latter.

Yes, I’m taking an exit. To be more specific, the exit. At least a physical one. For now I feel it is the right one. I will remain the biggest P96 ambassador but will say goodbye for now. A hughe thank you for contributing to an intense memory!

Nine point six things I learnt from my years with PROJECT96:

1. Connect

Find your own Céline (or Babet, if you insist). You don’t have to team up with somebody, but do try finding your peers. They exist! And they are special. Truly special.

2. Keep people happy and healthy

Create space for others. Trust their initiatives even if their not flawless, trust their enthusiasm even if you don’t immediately get “it”. Care, ask and listen carefully. Trust breeds magic (beautiful statement, stolen from Tina Eisenberg, “Swissmiss”)

3. Follow your path

Take space. Take a stage. That doesn’t mean taking the mike and sing on a podium. It’s simply telling people what you want. Share what you love. Remember that your thoughts and body language are not that utterly clear to everyone if you don’t speak up. Take time to find your gut feeling and listen to it. Hard but not impossible.

4. Don’t compromise

Don’t compromise on your core values. It will make you sick.

5. Compromise

Do compromise on other things. Occasionally. Allow for comments to be made on your creations. Consider them and make changes if that improves things. If that’s considered to be a compromise at all.

6. Listen

Really listen, also when things are not said aloud.

7. Communicate

Even about the hard things. Not always easy. I know.

8. Learn

Be curious, be adaptive, be open, try. We tried so many new things that we were actually scared about.

9. Love

  1. Feel free to be passionate about things even if you don’t have passions. Even if others give you the –what-the-heck-is-she-talking-about- look.
  2. Stick to the words that make you smile.
  3. Find 96 words that make you act.
  4. Love to move. Learn to love making decisions if you find it difficult in the first place.
  5. LOVE THY PROCESS. Even if it sucks. Sometimes.
  6. And don’t forget to leave some blanks. Be open to surprises created by life, by others or by yourself.