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On Brainwaves And Unstoppable Curiosity, OR: How It All Began

Céline: “And there I was. Behind my desk, in front of my laptop, listening to Sheva Carr’s introduction, asking myself why the hell I even opted in on a course called Being the Source of Love. The title of this course alone would be enough to make the eyeballs of most of my friends roll. As Sheva continued talking I immediately got my answer: she too was a medical doctor and acupuncturist who had abandoned her practice, believing she had something else to do. She appeared to be a companion on the other side of the ocean and I got beyond curious about her story. I took the course like a schoolgirl, scribbling down all my thoughts and marking interesting quotes while studiously taking far too many notes. I’ll never regret it. Without this course, PROJECT96 would never have existed. With a head full of ideas I ran to the one and only person who beats me at being curious: Babet.” 

Babet: “When Céline told me about her PROJECT96 plans for the first time, I instantly felt we needed to take them under our wings and give them the chance to fly. That idea in itself kept me awake at night and scared me to death. But I didn’t care. I loved it. I just felt I had to say yes to this “thing” although in all honestly I hardly knew it. The only hick-up was the Wise Head. It called into memory that curiosity has tackled me many times. That it spins my brain, stirs up my enthusiasm time and again, but also makes me restless because of all the options out there. The Wise Head, with all its force, tried convincing me not to change lanes. Yet the more vigorous its attempts, the more it failed. Evidently. Because curiosity was in the room from the moment Céline avidly told me about her ideas and it didn’t let itself be chased away. It eagerly reminded the lawyer I had become what I really wanted to be when I grew up. It recalled long forgotten projects. And finally, in yet another conversation about PROJECT96, curiosity beat the Head knock-out and took me by the hand to commit to something that felt genuinely right. From that moment on, this baby showed itself unwilling to be strangled.”

In the midst of other things – working day jobs, getting to know each other better, having babies, taking courses and endeavouring to maintain some kind of social life as well – we started. We felt vulnerable giving our hearts a voice, especially because of the skepticism we often encountered. Yet we couldn’t ignore that it made us feel like kids on Christmas morning. That childlike enthusiasm is what kept us going. It still does. Every time we get together we realise that our differences offer chances to grow, our curiosity matches our eagerness to learn and connection is our drive. What we create is the result of all that. PROJECT96 is a journey that is as simple as it is complicated: putting our loves into action while learning more about them as we go.

But PROJECT96 is not only about our journey, we hope it to be about yours too. So, if you currently experience a lack of space or time to act on your curiosity, enthusiasm or dreams, we dare you to set aside that feeling for at least ten minutes every day. Why fruitlessly wait until you are given time? Find or, better even, make your own!
Let’s be honest; ten minutes can without a doubt be stolen from somewhere, be creative. Walk the dog somewhat longer than anticipated, use the toilet as a place to think. What the heck, get up ten minutes earlier! Try alternatives and find out which suit you best. Before you know it you will have created ten minutes to yourself, built out of time you were convinced you didn’t have. This automatically adds up to seventy minutes a week, a big fat four and a half hours per month. Use that time to start working out all opportunities you can think of to get closer to what it is you’re longing for. Write them down, draw them, take them for a walk. Give your dreams a try by making projects out of them. Slowly? Steadily! And in the not-too-far-away future, you may even start your very own project here, supported by us. Curious? Subscribe to our newsletter and you’re sure to be kept in the loop. Although we’re very excited about this and would love to give it a go right away, we hope you to be patient with us: still collecting minutes and working out possibilities ourselves after launching one of our first projects! So for now, to get you started, a peptalk.

Follow your curiosity, tell others about your dreams and show your enthusiasm. Get yourself out there; trust your instinct. We’ll be doing just that. Here’s to connection, risks and adventure.

Love rocks!