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Love Under Construction


Love is difficult. At least that’s what we are often taught. We have to try our best to see it, work hard to earn it. If we are offered a glimpse of it, we have to make sure to cling to it, so they tell us, which makes us afraid of losing it again.

They’re wrong.

Love doesn’t like to be fearfully held hostage. It invites us to play and discover all its forms and possibilities, so that if we grow because of it, it grows with us. It wants us to explore living without boundaries. It’s always there, even in dark and hidden corners. Just open your eyes; be receptive.

Unfortunately, ‘love’ is often found dangling in shopping windows, blatantly screaming for attention. Causing misunderstanding because of the cheap display. Love is so much more than big, red, furry hearts and chocolates – that’s only the tiny part shopkeepers, commercials and filmmakers want us to believe. Because it sells. But love isn’t univocal. It adjusts to its subject. Therefore it is only obvious that love can’t be caught in one word. At PROJECT96, out of curiosity and driven by the fact that Sanskrit has 96 words for it, we’ve started to look for our own words for love. Words that make us jump regardless of obstacles, simply because there’s no other option. Values we choose to live by and turn into projects. Because love is interesting and always worth a deeper dive.

Love rocks!